Property Types

The Israeli Bond platform is revolutionizing real estate finance

Less restrictive than traditional options of mezz or preferred equity, the bonds offer a long term, low-cost alternative financing option with a flexible amortization plan. The bonds are unsecured corporate level debt and thereby do not require any inter-creditory agreements since there is no asset level mortgage, no personal guarantees, no liens or UCC filings. This unique financing structure allows Sponsors/GP’s to finance only their portion of equity without affecting their partners capital stack. Assets can then be sold without having to return back the bonds.

Lastly, perhaps the most important aspect of this program is the ability to raise additional capital in a matter of days after the successful initial raise through a “shelf prospectus.”

Asset Types

The Berko & Associates Finance & Capital Markets team is able to arrange financing for a broad range of property types. Our debt and equity placement covers a variety of different asset classes, including: