Ben Nahmani

Ben Nahmani

Investment Sales Associate

Tel: (212) 687-0777 x126
Fax: (212) 687-0771

Ben is currently completing his undergraduate degree at Baruch College as a Real Estate Development Major while writing an undergraduate honors thesis for the Zicklin (School of Business) Honors Program. Ben is also a Provost Scholar at Baruch. He hopes to discover a new leading indicator for large development plans in NYC with his thesis research.

Ben’s passion for real estate started at an early age when his family invested in properties in both NYC and Florida. Since then his curiosity grew to the point where he found himself peeking into development sites to track their progress. Eventually, his curiosity turned into an infatuation with the entire development process and even expanded to the investment aspects of real estate.

When asked why anyone should invest in real estate as opposed to another investment vehicle, Ben responded, “It’s all about your risk capacity. If you can afford to lose a majority of, or even your entire, investment, you may be comfortable investing in the higher yields of the stock market. If you are more conservative but you still want your money to work for you, in other words you want that residual income, and still maintain the value of your investment, you park your money in real estate because the value of the improvements may crash but nobody is making any more land, and with progress in technology and healthcare the population will continue to grow and thus demand for places to live and work will follow suit.”