Elliot Taub

Elliot Taub was born in New York City, in 1981. He spent lots of time in the Big Apple as his family founded and operated a decorative bath and hardware business that catered to all different sectors within the real estate industry. The business was located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and that is how it all began.
At a young age, Elliot started to develop a love and passion for all the beautiful buildings, iconic landmarks, historic districts, and unique infrastructure that the City has to offer. He very much enjoyed watching the transition and the never ending growth in NYC ever since.

Elliot enjoyed many years of owning and operating his own real estate consulting business, as he built up a healthy clientele and following. After working independently for over 12 years, consulting and strategizing for his clients, Elliot decided to take all his industry knowledge/experience and join forces with an established well respected full-service real estate firm in New York City, in order to better service his clients.

Elliot has an extensive and diverse background in the overall multifaceted commercial real estate business. When it comes to servicing his clients, with regard to investment sales/ brokerage, Elliot takes the time to understand the specific criteria and forte of the client in order to hand deliver a tailor made deal. In many instances Elliot would create a deal from scratch by tapping into his network of real estate professionals in order to satisfy the client’s needs. He has experience in, but not limited to, hospitality, development, multi family, office, and NNN deals.

Additionally, Elliot has been involved in arranging financing for many different types of transactions, including conventional and non conventional loans, institutional loans, private money, hard money/bridge financing, and business lines of credit. He takes the time to fully understand the wants and needs of his clients. Elliot is known as a man of honesty and integrity, always putting his clients’ interests first. His philosophy is that a deal is a deal; there is no deal too small or too large that he would not be willing to work on.

Elliot Taub is always ready, willing and able to cater to any of your real estate needs, whether you are looking to purchase, finance or refinance a property, or should you be in need of any type of commercial real estate advisory and/or analysis.