Frank Spaulding-Bey

Frank was born in the Bronx, NY to Sybil Delores Crawley who was born in St. Thomas, Jamaica, West Indies and gifted a home in Cambria Heights, NY from Ruth B. Siegman of Brooklyn, NY for the caring relationship that Sybil developed with Ruth during the latter part of Ruth’s life and, Frank Spaulding, Sr. born in Kingston, Jamaica, WI who is a former three-time Mayor of Kingston, Jamaica as he was also a betting & gambling and real estate mogul on the Island of Jamaica and abroad in the area of real estate. At the time of Frank’s birth, he owned 1777 Watson Avenue, 1247 Noble Ave and 1144 East 233rd. Street, Bronx, NY, all multi-family dwellings and where Frank was raised for a short while at 1144 East 233rd. Street before moving on to Harlem NY and Cambria Heights, NY for the remainder of his youth as he now resides besides between East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY and Cambria Heights, NY where he is currently renovating a single home walking distance from Belmont Race Track.

Frank’s eldest brother, Anthony Spaulding, Barrister who would become the National Minister of Housing in Jamaica under former Prime Minister Michael Manley for 8 years in 1972, one year after Frank was born, intently studied every aspect of public housing in NYC as he went on to oversee the building of 40,000 homes for the working class island-wide for those 8 years which, is a public service feat unmatched to date world over.

In the back drop of Frank being born into a real estate active family, he got his professional start in real estate in 1996 with a job as a loan officer with Household Finance Corp. and moved around the mortgage industry up until 1999 as he decided to reenter college in 1998 to complete a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics and Finance at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) in Elizabeth City, NC as he played one season of college football at C.W. Post Campus/LIU, Rugby at Fordham University and three seasons of college baseball at Nassau Community College, ECSU and Benedict College in Columbia, SC. Frank is a brown belt in Goju Karate under Sensei Master Dave Thomas from Power of Self Dojo under the auspicious of Harlem Goju Karate Associate with an 0-1 record in Muay Thai kick boxing with a split decision defeat. Frank is also an honorably discharged member of the U.S. Armed Forces with time spent in the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy Reserves and the US Army/National Guard.

Frank has held numerous sales positions in multiple industries where he has always and enthusiastically meet and exceeded sales plans and goals. One of the greatest lessons Frank learned while doing scrap metal sales in Hampton Roads, Virginia is, success only comes before work in the dictionary and that all things must be done with integrity and authenticity or else, there will be a price to be paid for not adhering to integrity and authenticity that will never impact the bottom line of growing a business in a positive manner.

Frank became a licensed real estate sales person in Cambria Heights, NY in 2013 under famed residential Real Estate Broker of Cozy Homes Realty and boxing promoter and manager, Dennis Rappaport. Frank quickly put enough deals together in the residential distressed market of south east Queens, NY and Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY to become a NYS Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker in 2016.

Frank inspired by his father’s and eldest brother’s prowess in real estate and, his mother’s thrift of home ownership and fine eye for home décor along his with his first cousin, Francis Tulloch, Barrister being a former Minister of National Tourism in Jamaica, WI under former Prime Minister P. J. Patterson, Frank wanted to be involved in the sale and transfer of commercial property and particularly hotels. In year one of being a licensed salesperson, Frank brought a potential buyer to the Hotel Carter in 2014 that had an asking price of $300,000,000.00 as the principals of the real estate firm where his license was at the time thought he was aiming too high to close on a deal that was beyond their thought of transacting which, brings Frank to Berko & Associates where these types of deals are getting closed.

Frank brings a rich, disciplined and grateful air and approach to every deal he negotiates and closes. Outside of Frank’s dream opportunity of being at Berko & Associates, would be for Frank to be the Minister of National Tourism of Jamaica, WI as he is a dual citizen of the U.S.A. and Jamaica, WI where he could have a hand in returning Jamaica back to the ultimate and premiere economic destination for hotel & tourist operators and vacationers comparable to Jamaica’s 1950s pre-independence days.

Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc.
Project REAP (Real Estate Associate Program)
Builders Owners and Managers Association
International Council of Shopping Centers
NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association
Urban Land Institute
Council of Urban Real Estate
Guy R. Brewer Political Club of South East Queens, NY
Harlem Goju Karate Association
Stillman College Baseball Team Fundraiser
Landmark Worldwide