Letter of Intent – Clamoring for Condos

Manhattan, especially recently, has been a breeding ground for development, with the most notable developers clamoring at the opportunity to snatch up a prime piece of real estate and build the next “it” tower. In the last eighteen months alone, there have been fifty-five new luxury developments in Manhattan, representing approximately 5,600 units. To give

Letter of Intent – The Retail Surge

The retail investment sector is ready to burst, and investment sales brokers agree that there has been a clear rise in requests for suitable retail investment properties. One major driving force behind retail acquisition is the re-born availability to finance large acquisitions of not only single properties but large portfolios of retail-heavy assets. Banks are

Letter of Intent – Bridging the Gap

I’m sure the vast majority know that the primary purpose of bridge loans are to act as short-term, temporary financing between the acquisition and/or development of a property and a permanent loan. Bridge loans are short-term loans that by definition are not the type of loan product or origination source, but the use of the

Letter of Intent – IRA, Meet Investment Property

To those who may not have thought of this option prior, there are some distinct advantages for real estate investors to allocating real estate owned into an IRA. Real estate is tangible, thus, you have strategic control over the management of the properties and which properties are purchased for the account. My personal favorite advantage

Letter of Intent – Obstacles in Hotel Construction Financing

In the midst of the global predicament comes another hurdle for hoteliers to jump over; hotel construction financing has become increasingly difficult to achieve. While financing for the purchase or refinancing of strong hotel properties in New York remains strong, private funding for construction or redevelopment has been quite stringent. Hospitality financing groups have been

Letter of Intent – To Mezz or Not to Mezz

With Senior Lenders more conservative than in past years, bankers have been opening their doors to non-traditional alternatives to the fill the void in capital stack for qualified borrowers with well-positioned assets. It seems the stars have aligned for mezz lenders; a rapid increase in development in and around the boroughs, as well as a

Sourcing Distressed Assets

Over the past two years the slumping US economy, high unemployment rate, and curtailment of favorable financing opportunities have taken their toll on every sector of the real estate market. Millions of properties have either gone into foreclosure or are being sold below their original appraised value. Multifamily and commercial properties that were purchased at

Predictions for the New Year

Looking ahead to 2012, one can only hope the previous year’s upswings will continue. However, predictions, by definition, are not certainties. Things can change on a dime: natural disasters, international upheaval, presidential election year surprises; they all have an effect on markets worldwide. Economists point to 2012 as a year of both positive and negative

Demystifying Yield Maintenance

One of the most common questions we’re asked by potential real estate investors and commercial property owners looking to refinance and take advantage of today’s low interest rates is regarding Yield Maintenance. A misunderstanding of what yield maintenance is and how it can effect the profitability of a financing or refinancing strategy can have significant