Bonds; Unsecured Corporate Debt

The Israeli Bond platform is revolutionizing real estate finance

Berko & Associates is strategically partnered with the largest bond underwriter in Israel. Our collective service offering is unmatched in this growing market.

Offering low fixed interest rates between 3.5% and 7.5%, the Israeli Corporate Bond market, is a long term financial solution for Real Estate Sponsors. Less restrictive than traditional alternative financial options, such as mezz or preferred equity, the bonds provide customizable payment schedules without the need for any intercreditory agreements, asset level mortgages, personal guarantees, liens or UCC filings.

With the ability to underwrite a Sponsors fractional ownership without affecting their non-participating partners or asset level capital stack, the bonds compliment a variety of real estate ownership structures, such as REITs, private equity, and syndicated funds.

Lastly, perhaps the most important aspect of this program is the ability to raise additional capital in a matter of days after a successful initial raise through a “shelf prospectus.”

As of today, 35 U.S investment companies & 3 U.S finance companies have successfully issued bonds worth ~$8B in Israel

  • Non recourse corporate level debt
  • Low interest rate (3.5%-7.5%) and flexible payment plan
  • Bifurcating partners equity. We can underwrite your GP position without affecting your partners
  • No “Due Upon Sale” clause; sell an asset and recycle the bonds to acquire additional assets

How We Do It